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6 Awesome Free Star Wars Android Apps

Posted on 19 October 2015 in Star Wars Video Games

Looking for some fun Star Wars gams and apps for your Kindle Fire or other Android device? These Star Wars themed downloads are totally free and totally fun! Find challenging trivia games, exciting Star Wars gameplay, and even a fun Star Wars themed photo editing app.

1Star Wars Rebels: Missions

This game offers four free levels for gameplay in the Star Wars Rebels universe. Play a hero and stand up to the Empire in this fun officially licensed game from Disney.

2Star Wars Angry Birds

Join the Pork Side with this fun Star Wars themed Angry Birds game. Play 32 challenging levels with different characters as you progress.

3LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles

Play 15 different levels in this free game app made for Kindle tablets. Play with 30+ different characters as you progress through the game.

4Photo App: Selfie with a Lightsaber!

This fun Star Wars photo app lets users add different colored lightsabers to photos. Take your fun candid shot and then edit for a final masterpiece.

5Star Wars: Galactic Defense

This is a highly rated game app for Android devices. Play either side of the force (Light or Dark) for two-games in one. Connect with friends to defeat your enemies or compete with others online.

6Retro Star Wars Trivia Quiz Game

Challenge yourself and your Star Wars fan buddies with this quiz app from Appicquiz. Hundreds of questions are included, covering Star Wars movies from Episode I through VI.

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