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List: Top 10 2018 Best-Selling Star Wars Merch

Posted on 31 January 2019 in Top Lists

Over 40 years after the release of A New Hope, Star Wars remains popular. 2019 will see the release of still new material, including the series The Mandalorian and the final film in the Skywalker saga. Before looking ahead, here's a quick look back at our best-selling Star Wars items on this webshop from last year (spoiler: there are a lot of Porgs!).

1Star Wars Rubik's Cube Style Puzzle

This is a six-sided cube featuring different images of Star Wars characters. Each side is divided into nine squares and the puzzle can be mixed up and put together by sliding the sides around.

2Yoda 3D LED Table Lamp Decoration

This is a 3D sculpture of Yoda with LED lighting. This can be used as room decor or a soft night light. The light can be displayed in one of seven different colors or cycle through the colors.

3Stylized and Cute Plush Porg Toy

This darling stuffed animal toy was a big seller last year. It's a cute plump stylized Porg, as first seen in The Last Jedi. The toy measures just over 6" tall, which is just about life-sized.

4Cute Plush Last Jedi Porg Stuffed Toy

Another best-seller, another Porg! This cutie is just about 6.5" and featured in a stylized form.

5Cute Stuffed Talking Porg Plush Toy

This 7" tall stuffed Porg toy has a plush feel. Give your little avian friend a squeeze and it will make sounds like the Porgs do in The Last Jedi.

6Talking Plush Yoda Stuffed Animal Toy

Wise Jedi Master Yoda gets cute plush treatment with this best-seller. Yoda measures about 9" tall and will say 5 different phrases when you gently press his belly, including "Do or do not. There is no try."

7Plush Suction Cup Porg Stuffed Toy

This funny Porg toy has a shocked facial expression! Take this one along for a ride -- Porg has suction cups on his wings to attach to a smooth surface, like a car window. "Porg on Board!"

8Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Costume Tee

This is an easy Halloween costume t-shirt featuring the look and color scheme of an X-Wing pilot. The orange background is enhanced by the unique hardware worn by X-Wing pilots, like Luke Skywalker.

98.5 Inch Interactive Plush Porg Toy

This cute plush toy emits several different film-realistic sounds as heard by Porgs in The Last Jedi. The toy has a realistic plumage look as well, in contrast to some of the more stylized Porgs in this list.

10Fun Plush Chewbacca Stuffed Animal Toy

This cute little comic-style plush toy of Han Solo's Wookiee sidekick is a fun gift idea for any Star Wars fan. Chewie has an oversized head and an overall stylized look; he wears his iconic bandolier and satchel.