Awesome Star Wars St. Patrick's Day Mashup T-Shirts for 2021

Share your love of Star Wars on the Irish holiday of St. Patrick's Day by wearing one of these fun mashup t-shirts. The unique t-shirt designs take elements from the Star Wars universe and blend them with traditions and phrases used for St. Paddy's Day. 

Lucky Clovers Stormtrooper Helmet T-Shirt

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A bunch of lucky four-leaf clovers in green are arranged into the iconic shape of a Stormtrooper helmet. Get this in black as shown; the design looks great on dark green or white, too.

Lucky Rebel Irish Logoo T-Shirt

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This tee uses the symbol for the rebels inside a circle logo style design that reads "Lucky Rebel" in all caps. The design also has lucky shamrocks on each side of the circle. 

May Luck Be With You Star Wars T-Shirt

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The rebel logo appears here in green with ships from the light side in flight. White text in all caps reads "May Luck Be With You". This is a fun one for St. Patrick's Day or any other time you want to share good luck with your Star Wars mates.

No Such Thing As Luck Millennium Falcon T-Shirt

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A dynamic image of the Millennium Falcon in green silhouette appears with lucky four leaf clovers coming out of the back. Big green text reads " In My Experience There's No Such Thing As Luck!" in all capital letters. Sounds like something Han Solo would say, but of course the line is classic Obi-Wan Kenobi, said on the Falcon in A New Hope.

List of Fun Irish Star Wars T-Shirts

This Star Wars / Irish St. Patrick's Day mashup shirt features Darth Vader in a comic style illustration with a text bubble that has the Dark Lord sayin "The Luck is Strong with This One". 

Funny Luck of the Jedi Irish Yoda T-Shirt

This is a cute spoof t-shirt design for Star Wars fans to wear on St. Patrick's Day! Jedi Master Yoda stands in a typical leprechaun outfit including green top hat with buckle, green vest, and green bow tie.

Funny St. Patrick's Day Star Wars Shirt

Stay festive with the Irish holiday while still showing your Star Wars fan geeky side with this fun novelty t-shirt that shows Boba Fett and Darth Vader sharing a drink! St. Patrick's Day is just over a month away, on March 17.