Itty Bitty Star Wars Plushies from Hallmark

These little plush Star Wars toys are so adorable! Your favorite characters are presented in kawaii cartoon style with round shapes and soft plush curves. They measure around 3 to 4 inches tall / wide and are super huggable. These little softie Star Wars characters are great for fans of the series -- collect them all!

1 Mixed Set of Star Wars Character Itty Bitty Plush Toys

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Get your collection started with this great set of 5 character plush toys from across the Star Was saga. This set includes mini plush figures of Finn, Rey, Kylo Ren, Greedo, and First Order BB8.

2 Chewbacca Wookiee Cute Plush Toy

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This Itty Bitty little Chewbacca plush toy has a fun furry Wookiee fur surface, and a rare smile on his face. Could it be a different Wookiee after all? You choose, whether this cutie is for play or display.

3 Itty Bitty BB-8 Star Wars Plush Toy

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This cute droid-shaped plush is just about 4" tall, making the character palm-sized. This Itty Bitty BB-8 is made for creative Star Wars play and is the perfect size for travel.

4 Classic Star Wars 4-Plush Set

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Get characters from A New Hope together in cute plush form: Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, droid C-3PO, and a Jawa.

5 Villian Kylo Ren Itty Bitty

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Kylo Ren is in full face mask and carries his signature cross lightsaber.

6 Itty Bitty Pilot Poe Dameron Plush Figure

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It's Poe in his flight uniform! The skilled pilot was featured in the final Star Wars saga trilogy. This cute toy is fun for play and great for display.

7 Jedi Master Yoda Itty Bitty

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Yoda wears a tan Jedi robe and a warm smile. The little green master is perfect as an Itty Bitty!

8 General Hux Cute Little Itty Bitty Plush Toy

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If you didn't think the arch villain of the final trilogy could be cute, you were wrong. Look at this darling little plush in his First Order uniform!

9 Collectible Itty Bitty Han Solo Plush Toy

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Toy Han Solo is featured here by himself, a limited edition collectible toy that's perfect for collectors and great for kids who want to play with the pilot character from the original and final trilogies of Star Wars movies.

10 Admiral Ackbar Itty Bitty Plush FIgure

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Keep the popular leader Admiral Ackbar at your side when you get this little plush Star Wars character toy. He may not talk, but you can imagine him giving great advice as you go about your day -- avoid those traps!

11 Han Solo & Princess Leia Itty Bitties

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Of course these star-crossed lovers come together! Pick up Han & Leia for your collection!

12 Greedo from Star Wars Itty Bitty Plush Toy

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The famous bounty hunter from Star Wars is featured here as a little plush toy from Hallmark. Play with this funny-looking green scoundrel or save the character plush for display.

13 Set of 2 Ewok Itty Bitty Plush Toys

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This cute set of two Star Wars plush toys features Ewok Wicket and Ewok Chief Chirpa. These are perfect for Endor play or to add to your Star Wars display collection.

14 Boba Fett Mini Plush Itty Bitty Toy Figure

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Last but not least, everyone's favorite bounty hunter is featured here in mini plush form. His outfit looks fresh and vibrant, so this toy is obviously pre-Sarlacc Boba Fett.

Interactive Chewbacca Plush Toy

Here's a hot item for the holidays! This is a new interactie plush toy of everyone's favorite co-pilot, Chewie!

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Star Wars Oversized Pillow Figures

Fans of the Star Wars saga -- both young and young-at-heart -- will love these plush stuffed character figures from their favorite galactic universe. Heroes and villians alike are well-represented, so choose your side of the Force! Pick up your favorite characters in plush pillow form today!