Nesting Star Wars Dolls

Have fun with these traditional Russian-style matryoshka nesting dolls in modern Star Wars fashion. Here we have three different sets of dolls, representing three different factions of the saga. Each set contains five dolls that nest inside each other.

1 The Rebellion Nesting Dolls

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Characters that form the heart of the Rebels make up this set of nesting dolls. Starting with the largest doll Rey, the set continues with Finn, pilot Poe, and Rose. The final solid doll is BB-8.

2 Jedi and Droids Nesting Dolls

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Jedi characters and droids make up this set. Luke Skywalker is the outer-most doll, followed by Obi-Wan Kenobi, then droids C-3PO and R2-D2. Master Yoda is deepest within as the final solid doll.

3 Force Awakens Characters Nesting Dolls

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Here we have characters that form the heart of the newest Skywalker trilogy in nesting doll form, starting with Kylo Ren as the largest doll. Inside the dark leader are Stormtrooper Finn, followed by pilot Poe, and scavenger Rey. The smallest, solid doll is BB-8.

Awesome Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Bring some of the Dark Side home with this awesome Star Wars levitating (!!) Bluetooth speaker. The Death Star floats above a base while delivering 360 degrees of quality sound.

Awesome & Unique Star Wars Cut-Out LP Clocks

These are unique gift ideas for Star Wars fans. Each clock is part memorabilia, part unique detailed art, and part practical wall clock. The clocks are made of used LP records and feature detailed silhouette cut-out images. Pick up one of these awesome wall clocks for the Star Wars fan on your list!

Star Wars Logo Metal License Plate

Bring the Force with you everywhere you drive when you add this awesome decorative Star Wars license plate to the front of your vehicle!

Vintage Mad Magazine ROTJ Edition

This is an awesome back issue of Mad Magazine featuring cover story about Return of the Jedi. This issue was originally released in October 1983.