Top 10 Adorable Porg Plush Toys from Star Wars The Last Jedi

Don't you just love the cute Porgs from Star Wars: The Last Jedi? And what about their baby porglets? These adorable little sea birds are native to the planet Ahch-To, where they nest on the steep cliffs of the island where Jedi Master Luke Skywalker was exiled for many years. Here are our top 10 favorite plush toys of these charming alien creatures, which make great gifts for Porg lovers, galactic birders and interstellar bird watchers.

1 Talking Porg Plush

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This authentic Porg plush toy squawks and talks. Just press its puffy belly to hear it talk in the original Porg language.

2 Chewbacca with Porg

This officially licensed Star Wars toy features an adorable puffy Chewbacca with an even more adorable little Porg perched on his shoulder. The plush toy is detailed, life-like and most importantly very soft and durable for optimal cuddling.

3 Porg Plush with Suction Cups

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This 6-inch Porg plush comes with two sturdy suction cups on its wings so you can bring it along on road trips or stick him on a window at home. This Porg will make a great gift for fans of Star Wars The Last Jedi.

4 Talking Porg Backpack Clip

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Clip this cute plush Porg to your backpack so you can bring it anywhere and remind you of these cute little animals from Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

5 Chewbacca with Porg Action Figure

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Here's another cute plush toy of Chewbacca teamed up with his Porg friend. The super-cute Porg loves sitting on Chewbacca's shoulder.

6 Porg Plush Pillow Buddy

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This is the perfect gift for every Star Wars fan who loved seeing the little Porgs in The Last Jedi. The officially licensed Star Wars plush stuffed pillow is great for snuggling and hugging. The pillow

7 Electronic Plush Porg

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This plush Porg makes chatter sounds, flaps, waves and waddles just like in the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Make your own adventures and scenes with this charming character from the Star Wars universe.

8 9 Inch Star Wars Porg Plush

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This genuine Disney Store toy features faux fur that covers the Porg's head and wings, with a plush body. Your child will love to cuddle with the adorable little guy.

9 Female Porg Plush Figure

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Porgs live on the cliffs of islands on the planet of Ahch-To, very much like puffins do here on Earth. This plush represents a female of the sea bird species, which has slightly duller colors than its male counterpart shown below. This is an officially licensed Star Wars toy from Funko.

10 Male Porg Plush Figure

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This is another cute Funko plush figure of the male Porg, which goes together with the female version shown above. Bird enthusiasts will want to collect both specimen to study the difference in plumage.

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