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Four Star Wars Cosplay Pajamas for Kids

Posted on 1 September 2016 in Star Wars Costumes

Pajama sets make a great kid's gift for the holidays. Meant to be comfy and not necessary to be seen, sizing up is reasonable which means they can be a longer-lasting set of clothing than kids might normally hold on to. Novelty jammies that can also act as costumes like the Star Wars one featured here are perfect for fans of the series.

1Deluxe Darth Vader Jammies

Great for dress-up as well as sleepy time, this is a two-piece set of pajamas inspired by the Dark Lord himself. The top and matching pants are meant to look like Darth Vader's iconic outfit so kids can jump from the Empire right to bed without changing outfits!

2Stormtrooper Pajama Set

This is a two-piece set of pajamas that also double as a Stormtrooper outfit. The iconic armor is screen-printed on the top and matching pants of this officially licensed jammy set.

3Chewbacca 2-Piece PJ Set

This is a fun sleep and play set for fans of the world's most famous wookiee! Kids can go from being Chewie during playtime to sleeping like a big furry brown baby when bedtime rolls around.

4R2D2 PJ Set with Bonus Darth Vader

Are you a friend or a foe? This is a two-PJ set that includes two short-sleeve tops and two pairs of matching pants. Dress up as R2D2 or Darth Vader or if you're feeling really crazy, mix and match the sets!