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Fun Boba Fett Interactive Room Guard

Posted on 7 April 2016 in Boba Fett Action Figures

This is a super fun robot room guard made for fans of the Star Wars universe. Let intergalactic bounty hunter extraordinaire guard your door or room and prevent intruders from entering unnoticed.

This is a fun motion-activated toy robot shaped like Boba Fett in full bounty hunter uniform. Nothing will cross Boba Fett's path unnoticed -- the sharp-shooting bounty hunter will raise his blaster and shoot on sight!

This fun room guard uses lights and authentic Star Wars sounds and Boba Fett phrases to fend off intruders, along with unwavering, accurate blaster shots. Boba Fett only needs three AAA batteries to keep your room safe. Pick him up today!

Jumbo 20" Tall Rogue One Star Wars Action Figures

Posted on 20 April 2017 in Top Lists
These jumbo-sized figures from toy maker JAKKS are oversized fun! Each figure measures a whopping 20" tall and have awesome details that make them perfect for fun and play or collectible display. These figures are all... More