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Fun Star Wars Backpacks from Loungefly

Posted on 22 March 2018 in Top Lists

These awesome backpacks from Loungefly feature Star Wars patterns, characters, and other unique designs. You'll always carry the Star Wars saga with you when you get one of these great Loungefly Star Wars backpacks!

1Star Wars Galaxy Battle Loungefly Backpack

This fun Star Wars backpack features a repeating pattern of Star Wars spacecraft with a galaxy background. This is a full size backpack with a pocket for your laptop.

2Awesome Porg Character Shape Backpack

Carry an oversized Porg on your back! This plush backpack is shaped just like the cute bird characters from Luke's island in The Last Jedi.

3Mixed Floral Print Large Star Wars Pack

This full sized backpack has a great pattern of flowers mixed in with Star Wars vehicles. The backpack includes a sleeve for your laptop.

4Darth Vader Style Mini Backpack

This fun little backpack is inspired by Darth Vader and his computer panel chestplate. It is a mini pack done with black faux leather.

5Fun Star Wars Comic Panels Backpack

This full-sized backpack has a dynamic repeating pattern of Star Wars comic panels. The pack has an interior laptop sleeve to protect your computer.

6Funny Ewok Character Star Wars Backpack

This is an adorable soft fuzzy backpack that looks like the big fluffy face of an Ewok. So cute! This is a large backpack with a laptop divider inside.

7Colorful Stormtrooper Helmets Backpack

This is a cool pack featuring an all-over pattern of Stormtrooper helmets in different colors and patterns. No plain white here!

8Rey Inspired Leather-Look Backpack

This fun backpack looks just like something Rey would carry! The pack has details like the Rebel Alliance logo, exterior pockets, and functional straps.

9Cute Star Wars Stickers Pattern Backpack

This full size backpack features a repeating pattern of sticker-style images from the Star Wars saga. The stickers are cute cartoon kawaii style.

10Awesome Rebel Pilot Inspired Backpack

This fun backpack looks like something an X-Wing pilot would carry! It has the same familiar orange and white color scheme and includes the Rebel logo.

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