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List: Chewbacca Stuffed Animal Toys

Posted on 19 December 2018 in Top Lists

Chewbacca, Han Solo's Wookiee pal, is a big, fluffy, totally huggable brown creature. His kind is just made to be turned into plush stuffed toys. And there are a lot from which to choose! Here are some of our favorite Chewie plush toys.

2Build-a-Bear Chewbacca Stuffed Toy

Chewbacca comes with his iconic bandolier. This cutie is from Build-a-Bear so you can purchase fun outfits for Chewie separately, like Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Kylo Ren, or Darth Vader... though some of those combinations might give your Star Wars fan nightmares.

3Funny Itty Bitty Chewie Toy

This cute little stylized Chewie is just about 4" tall. The Wookiee has an uncharacteristic smile on his fluffy brown face.

4Oversized 37

At over three feet tall, this Chewie toy makes for a great stuffed companion for any Star Wars fan.

5Fun Chewbacca from Solo Talking Plush

This fun toy from SCS Direct talks and moves! Chewie is wearing his bandolier and a set of flight goggles. This "Walk N' Roar" plush can walk on its own and make authentic Wookiee groans and grunts.

6Plush Huggable Chewie Hideaway Pet

This super soft and fluffy pillow unfolds to reveal your favorite Wookiee character! This hideaway pillow toy is great for hugging and snuggling.

7Stuffed Chewbacca Toy by Takara Tomy

This plush Chewie toy has long brown hair. He wears his iconic bandolier.

8Fun Comic Images Chewbacca 9" Plush

This petite brown plush rendition of Chewbacca has a stylized, comic-image look. Chewie has oversized kawaii eyes and a fun roaring mouth.