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Star Wars Costume T-Shirts for Halloween

Posted on 6 October 2016 in Star Wars T-Shirts

If you love the Star Wars universe and want to get dressed up as a favorite character, it's easy to do with novelty printed tops. You can go as a Wookiee or a Droid without wearing a big fur suit or designing a molded robot costume. These work great as a group costume idea too, because of their affordability and variety of available sizes. It's easy to have multiples of several costumes, too, like the Stormtroopers, X-Wing Pilots, and Ewoks. Here are some easy Star Wars t-shirt-based and tank-based costume ideas for Halloween.

1Chewbacca Costume Printed T-Shirt

Dress up as everyone's favorite Wookiee with this brown printed cotton top. The main print is a hair-like texture and of course Chewie's signature bandolier ammo belt is printed diagonally across the front as well.

2Boba Fett All-Over Costume T-Shirt

This is an awesome Star Wars t-shirt featuring a realistic Boba Fett print sublimated across the entire front and back of the top. The true all-over print makes a great costume starter. This would match well with light grey or tan pants you probably already have in your closet.

3Slave Leia Costume Tank Top

Dress like you're Princess Leia while she's being held prisoner by Jabba the Hutt. This top replicates Leia's sexy slave bikini outfit, including the top of her red flowing loincloth. Pair this with dark red leggings to complete this more modest Slave Leia look!

4X-Wing Pilot Uniform Costume T-Shirt

Dress like an X-Wing pilot with this fun printed orange t-shirt. It's got the gear and hoses worn by pilots printed right there on the shirt. This would look great with orange pants if you've got them, and a white motorcycle helmet.

5Fun Hooded Ewok Costume Tank Top Tunic

Wear this fun costume top with included Ewok hood for a great Star Wars themed Halloween costume. The hood even has ears! This would go nicely with brown pants.

6C-3PO Printed Droid Costume T-Shirt

This fun droid t-shirt has a print to look like C-3PO's torso, including exposed wires. The print runs on both the front and back of this top, which runs in junior's fitted sizes.

7Darth Vader Black Costume T-Shirt

Become the Dark Lord himself with this easy costume starter black t-shirt. The front print has the grey, red, and green elements found on Darth Vader's front panel. You can't go wrong by matching this with black pants and other black accessories.

8Jedi Master Yoda Costume T-Shirt

You'd have to wear a green bodysuit or maybe green skin paint to really pull this off, but it's easy to start your Yoda costume with this printed t-shirt that includes the master's iconic drab flowing robes.

9R2D2 Printed Costume T-Shirt

This white cotton top has a pattern that resembles the beloved astromech droid's fans, buttons, and panels. This would pair nicely with white pants and other white accessories for a simple Star Wars costume.

10Awesome Stormtrooper Costume T-Shirt

This poly/cotton blend top is a great costume starter for anyone that wants to be a Stormtrooper for Halloween. Pick up several of these tops and get your friends together for a great group costume idea!