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Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar

Posted on 21 September 2015 in Star Wars Kitchen & Dining

Keep your cookies safe within this superweapon spacecraft Death Star cookie jar. While it may not have a superlaser on board, it will keep your cookies or other treats out of the hands of the rebels.

The spherical cookie jar is made of a strong polymer resin. It measures about 12" by 12" and includes the iconic "crater" on the surface. The lid fits with a tight seal to keep goodies inside fresh and safe. Note that both the interior and exterior are glazed so this functional and fanciful cookie jar is easy to clean in and out.

Get this cookie jar to complete your Star Wars themed kitchen, give it to your Star Wars fanatic friend, or add it to your home as a subtle yet forecful piece of useful pop culture decor.

Nesting Star Wars Dolls

Posted on 26 November 2015 in Star Wars Collectibles
Have fun with these traditional Russian-style matryoshka nesting dolls in modern Star Wars fashion. Here we have three different sets of dolls, representing three different factions of the saga. Each set contains five dolls that nest... More