Black Series Princess Leia from New Hope

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Endor Adventure Princess Leia Figure

The Forces of Destiny animated Star Wars series focuses on female characters from the saga. Accompanying merchandise inspired by the characters includes several different adventure doll sets, including this awesome set of Princess Leia in her iconic outfit from the Battle of Endor.  Leia wears her unique green...

Empire Strikes Back Hoth Leia Figure

This fun figure of Princess Leia from The Black Series features the character in her white Hoth outfit. This is a collectible figure that measures about 6" tall.

10 Life-Size Star Wars Character Stand-Ups

Bring your favorite Star Wars characters home with you -- pick up one or more of these fun life-sized cardboard cut-out stand up figures! These high-quality printed poster standees are made in America. They stand on their own using the attached tab locking easel. These are...