Star Wars Inflatable Costume Accessories

Enhance your Star Wars Halloween costume with easy and lightweight accessories. Here is a list of inflatable pieces you can use to complete your costume or make it stand out without weighing you down.

Awesome Boba Fett Inflatable Jetpack Backpack

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Add some 3-D style to your Boba Fett Mandalorian costume with this inflatable costume backpack. The vibrant print on the pack is weathered for an authentic look.

Inflatable Costume Porg Shoulder Accessory

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Carry one of the little animals from Star Wars: The Last Jedi without weighing down your shoulder with this inflatable. Wear this with the comfortable attached backpack-like straps.

Pre Vizsla Inflatable Jetpack Backpack

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This is a one-size-fits-most jetpack-look backpack. This Mandalorian costume accessory is inspired by the character Pre Vizsla.

Inflatable Lightsabers: Set of 12

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You get a lightsaber! You get a lightsaber! Everyone gets a lightsaber with this set of a dozen sabers in different colors. The lightweight inflatable weapon accessories are easy to carry and light in the hand. You'll get four each in blue, green, and red.

Jango Fett Inflatable Jetpack Backpack

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What's a Mandalorian without a jetpack? This fun inflatable is inspired by Jango Fett.

Three-Pack of Inflatable Star Wars Balls

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These fun inflatables can be used as beach balls but with a bit of creativity they can also be used as costume accessories. This set comes with a Death Star ball and balls inspired by the looks of R2D2 and BB-8.

Collectible "Baby Yoda" The Child Cute Figure 2-Packs

Get your hands on these adorable comic style figures of the breakout star of the Mandalorian, the Child character everyone is calling Baby Yoda. These two-for-one figure packs include a pair of the Child in various familiar poses. Collect all six!

1 Don't Leave Baby Yoda & Knob Ball Toy Yoda

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First the Child, in a sitting position, looks sadly and longingly as if to say "don't leave me". The other figure in this set has the little darling playing with the ball end of a lever on the Razor Crest.

2 Froggy Snack Child Figure & Using the Force Baby Yoda

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In this set, both figures stand with head held up. In one, the Force-sensitive youngster uses his gift. In the other, the head is up to help down a froggy snack!

3 Baby Yoda Sips & Blanket Swaddled Child

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This Baby Yoda figure two-pack has the Child sipping from his oversized (for him) brown mug. In the other figure, the character is swaddled in a blue-green blankie.

Funny Star Wars Fine Art Mashup Parodies

These fine art parody works take elements from Star Wars and from other popular stories or mythologies. Pick up these fun mashups for fans of multiple series and use them to decorate living areas, dens, tv rooms and rec rooms.

1 Vader Storms In On a Unicorn Wrapped Canvas

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This is a ready-to-hang wrapped canvas print of Darth Vader majestically riding a unicorn. The Sith Lord wields his iconic red lightsaber as his mighty steen rushes forth. This printed reproduction art is available on a 9x12 or 12x16 canvas.

2 Harry Potter Versus Darth Vader Poster Print

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A powerful wizard matches well with a Sith Lord. Here the hero and villain meet up and it's lightsaber against magic wand in an epic battle. This 11x14 poster print is a great gift idea for fans of both sagas.

3 Death Starry Night Van Gogh Mashup Framed Art

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A night scene is featured in the style of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. Above the horizon sits the Death Star. This is a great fine art mashup with the Star Wars universe. Get this poster in your choice of size, from 8x12 to 54x36 mural with several sizes in between.

4 Kermit the Frog with Yoda in Dagobah Wall Art

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Famous Muppet leading man Kermit the Frog joins another not-easy-being-green chum in the swamps of Dagobah. This awesome wrapped canvas print features Kermit with Yoda. Did you know that both Yoda and Miss Piggy, Kermit's love interest, are both voiced by Frank Oz? Get this print in one of three sizes: 8x12; 12x18; or 18x27.

5 Last Supper Star Wars Parody Art Poster

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This fun poster print has characters sitting around a table in the style of da Vinci's The Last Supper mural painting. The glossy poster measures 24" x 36".

Star Wars Face Masks and Face Coverings

The CDC recommends wearing face coverings in public settings where practicing social distancing measures isn't possible or practical. The masks or face coverings can be used along with social distancing to help stop or slow the spread of Covid-19. As more locations pass mask laws, there is also an increased interest in custom face masks and coverings that express the personality and preferences of consumers. 

These face coverings feature characters from the the world of Star Wars.  Bring out your inner Sith Lord or lovable Wookiee as you protect yourself and others during this time of pandemic.

1 Darth Maul Tube Scarf Face Covering

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This is an awesome 3D printed tube scarf buff-style face covering. Wear this up over your nose and mouth and you'll look like Darth Maul. The print features the lower half of Maul's face with a fierce sneer. The bottom of the scarf reads DARTH MAUL. This is a light microfiber face covering.

2 Kylo Ren Reusable Cloth Face Mask

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This cloth face mask has a print of Kylo Ren weilding his iconic lightsaber. The polyester mask has an ergonomic shape and includes earbands with adjustable slides to calibrate the size. This mask comes with a couple of cotton filters; the mask is equipped with a slot to insert the disposable filters.

3 A New Hope Printed Lightweight Buff Scarf

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This is a sport-style buff mask with a vibrant printed image inspired by the theatrical poster for Star Wars: A New Hope. This scarf is made of polyester moisture-wicking material, ideal for sports and other activities. The top of the scarf has elastic for a secure fit, and the cut is longer in the front for added coverage without having excess material around the back. 

4 Darth Vader Mask Warm Fleece Neck Buff

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This is a warm neck buff to wear in colder weather. It will protect the face and keep the face and neck warm. This black buff has a print of Darth Vader's iconic face mask at the front. This is a great winter accessory for Star Wars fans. 

5 Chewbacca Printed Buff Cloth Face Covering

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This is a cool color 3D printed buff-style scarf. It features most of Chewbacca's face from his eyes down. You can wear this up over your nose and mouth and you'll look like the famous Wookiee. The bottom of the scarf reads STAR WARS. This is a light microfiber tube face covering.

6 Welcome to the Dark Side Face Mask

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This novelty face covering has a print of Darth Vader with text reading "Welcome to the Dark Side" in all capital letters. The reusable cloth face covering has ear loops with slides to adjust the size for your comfort.

Star Wars Burned Wood Kitchen Serving Set

Star Wars Full Sheet Set from AmazonBasics

Highly Collectible General Grievous Funko Pop Figure

Star Wars Pop Up Cards For Father's Day

May the Force Be With Dad this Father's Day! Give your saga-loving pop a fun pop-up card themed to the greatest space opera of all time. These fun all-occasion cards are great accompaniments to traditional Father's Day gifts, or as a fun collectible gift all on their own.

Stormtrooper Army Pop-Up Star Wars Card

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Open up this awesome Star Wars card to reveal a large Stormtrooper along with a small army of little Stormtrooper sidekicks. The 'troopers all carry blasters and their iconic menacing look.

The Child from the Mandalorian Pop-Up Card

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This awesome card opens up to reveal an oversized figure of the Child from the latest Star Wars property, the Mandalorian. Known as "Baby Yoda" by fans of the series, the popular character is sure to bring a smile to your recipient's face when it pops out of the card.

Epic Duel Obi-Wan Versus Darth Vader Pop Up Card

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This awesome greeting card features the two iconic figures from Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, during their fateful lightsaber duel. This all-occaison card is a perfect gift for every Star Wars fan.

Millennium Falcon Pop-Up Greeting Card

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This awesome Star Wars card reveals the iconic ship Millennium Falcon when you open it up. The Falcon stands upright against a desert-like backdrop, reminiscent of Jakku or Tatooine. 

Stormtrooper Face Pop Up Star Wars Greeting Card

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This fun pop-up card reveals an iconic Stormtrooper helmet in 3D when open. The helmet appears against a stark Imperial vehicle style background.

Awesome Darth Vader Helmet Pop-Up Card

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This cool Star Wars pop-up card has a simple image of Darth Vader's helmet on the front. Open the card up to reveal and awesome pop-up 3D version of the helmet. This card features iconic Star Wars imagery that fans of the saga will love.

R2D2 Igloo Playmate Cooler

Mandalorian Poster Book