Best-Selling Force Gifts Star Wars Merch for 2020

Over 40 years after the release of A New Hope, Star Wars remains as popular as ever. Only part of this is due to the incredible success of The Mandalorian -- but it's a big part. Before looking ahead to all of the awesome new Star Wars content we have to look forward to in 2021 and beyond, here's a look back at our best-selling Star Wars merch from last year. 

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Baking Tray

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Make Stormtrooper-shaped baked goods with this officially licensed baking tray that was a best-seller for us last year. Be sure to check the customer review images to see how awesome your finished product can look!

Star Wars Twin/Full Dark Side 2-Sided Comforter

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Star Wars themed bedding was popular in 2020! This comforter has Dark Side theming on both sides. One side has a repeating pattern of Dark Side icons and the other side arranges images in a quilt-like block pattern.

Set of 2 Star Wars Cat Toys: Droids

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This fun set of two cat toys features small plush versions of R2D2 and C-3PO. The catnip-infused toys were top sellers last year. 

Mandalorian Canvas 5-Piece Wall Art Prints

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This dramatic 5-piece set, called "The Mandalorian in Sunset", features the title character and his ship, the Razorcrest, across five different panels.

Infant Baby Yoda Costume with Hat

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Is it a baby Yoda costume? A baby Grogu costume? Or a Baby Yoda costume for babies? Whatever you call this, it was a best-seller last year. The set includes a hooded robe, darling eared headpiece, and green feet booties. 

Millennium Falcon Metal Bottle Opener Keychain

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This darling replica of the Millennium Falcon can accompany you everywhere when you add it to your keychain. Fun and functional too, this little metal starship model doubles as a bottle opener.

The Phantom Menace Theatrical Movie Poster

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Posters were hot sellers last year -- what's not to love about decorating your castle with posters from your favorite film series? This poster of The Phantom Menace has beautiful graphics.

Revenge of the Sith Star Wars Movie Poster

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Fans of the prequel trilogy made this poster of the third episode of the Star Wars saga a hot seller last year.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rebel Pillow

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This fun pillow inspired by the Forces of Destiny series is in the shape of the Rebel Alliance symbol. The pillow has a purple, pink, and orange color scheme with a fun repeating pattern of Star Wars icons.

Rey & BB-8 Super Soft Plush Throw Blanket

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This comfortable polyester blanket features a vibrant print of the sequel trilogy heroine Rey and the droid BB-8.

Forces of Destiny Pillowcase

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Rey represents HOPE and Sabine represents the spirit of a REBEL on this two-sided printed standard pillowcase. 

Star Wars Space Battle Standard Pillowcase

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This pillowcase is dark blue with a dramatic vibrant image of spaceships from both sides of the Force.

Han Solo & Princess Leia Quote Photo Frame

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This wooden picture frame holds a 4x6 photo on one side. The other side of the frame has a silhouette image of Han Solo and Princess Leia with their famous quote "I love you" and "I know".

Cute Plush Porg Stuffed Animal Figure

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This cute plush figure with exaggerated features from Funko was popular in 2020. Who wouldn't like to snuggle with one or five of these cute and plump flying creatures?

Set of 2 Star Wars Cat Toys: Vader & Stormtrooper

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This darling set of two catnip toys was popular last year. The funny set includes two mice dressed up like Dark Side figures -- a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader.

Droid Commander LEGO Set: Build Interactive Robots

Darth Vader Star Wars Wall Hanger Hook Rack

Star Wars Boys Four-Pack T-Shirts

Super Cute Cartoon Baby Yoda Cake Topper

Baby Yoda's Important Role on NASA-SpaceX Mission

You've probably heard by now that a very special little plush toy likeness of The Child from The Mandalorian made an appearance on the recent successful joint mission to send astronauts to the International Space Station from U.S. soil. The toy figure was used as the Crew-1 flight team's "zero G indicator". 

Any small object will do for this purpose, but using a cultural icon makes it more fun.

Earlier this year, the crew of Demo-2, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, used a plush dragon chosen by their sons to be their zero G indicator. 

ISS Crew Answers Question About Baby Yoda

The crew talked about Baby Yoda briefly during a recent press conference. The entire video is interesting to watch, but you can skip to the Baby Yoda portion which starts at about 11:40.

Main Star Wars Theme Hand Crank Music Box

Funny Light Side / Dark Side Switch Plate Cover

Star Wars UNO Game

2020 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar