Epic Beautiful 2000-Piece Star Wars Puzzle

Millennium Falcon Dangle Earrings

Fun Officially Licensed Star Wars Bar Glasses

Celebrate Star Wars responsibly with these fun officially licensed bar glasses. From beer glasses, short glasses, stemless wineglasses, and more, you can shop fun Star Wars quote and graphic designs. These quality sets include 2 or more pieces per purchase, building up your Star Wars barware collection in faster than light speed!

If You Strike Me Down Obi-Wan Kenobi Quote Tall Glasses

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Get this awesome set of two glasses featuring one of Obi-Wan's most famous quotes: If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine". A blue lightsaber backs the quote on this set of two 14.2oz beverage glasses. Quotes from Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, featured elsewhere in this post on other beverage glass styles, can also be purchased in this tall glass style.

Grogu and Friends Fun Set of Two Glass Coffee Mugs

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This fun set of two matching 13.5oz glasses features a sketch-style illustration of Grogu (aka Baby Yoda, aka The Child) along with natural clip art like flowers, butterflies, fish, one-eyed frogs, and more. These double-walled insulated glasses make perfect vessels for enjoying your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or other hot or cold beverage.

I Find Your Lack of Faith Vader Quote Short Beverage Glasses

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This set of two short drinking glasses features a quote from Darth Vader: "I find your lake of faith disturbing". The handwritten style font is backed by a red lightsaber graphic. This set is a 2-pack of 10oz glasses. Quotes from Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker, featured elsewhere in this post on other drink glass types, can also be bought in this short glass style.

TIE Fighters All-Over Print Coffee Mugs Set of 2

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This fun set of two matching 10oz glasses features an all-over print sketch-style pattern of TIE Fighters in flight, in various positions and in different sizes. These double-walled insulated glasses make perfect vessels for enjoying your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or other hot or cold beverage. This set of TIE Fighter design glasses can also be purchased in other sizes; see listing page for other options.

I am a Jedi Luke Skywalker Quote Stemless Wine Glasses

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This two-pack of stemless wine glasses features a quote from Luke Skywalker: "I am a Jedi like my father before me". The text is done in a handwritten style font and is backed by a green lightsaber graphic. This set is a 2-pack of 14.2oz glasses. Other quotes from Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, featured elsewhere in this post on other barware types, can also be bought in this stemless wine glass style.

Star Wars Cat Toys For Furry Friends

Get everyone in your house ready for some Star Wars fun with these cute cat toys inspired by the space saga. You love the series and the amazing stories, characters, ships, droids, and sets -- now your cats can too! Bonus: Star Wars fans will love playing with kitties using this fun, Star Wars inspired toys. Check out these fun cute Star Wars cat toys!

1 Two-Pack Mice as Droids Cat Toys

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Cats love to play with mice. Cat fans of Star Wars will love playing with these droid toys -- they're mice dressed up as C-3PO and R2D2! These toys are infused with catnip and are as fun to look at for human Star Wars fans as for kitty catnip toy fans.

2 Plush Big-Headed Yoda Cat Toy & Crinkle Ball Set

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This is a set of cat toys inspired by Jedi Master Yoda. You'll get a plush Yoda, along with a matching crinkle ball in shades of Jedi tan and Yoda green.

3 Chewbacca and Porg Funny Star Wars Cat Toys with Catnip

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This cute matching set of catnip toys features a little plush Chewbacca along with a little plush Porg, complete with feather coming out of its head. The feather is appropriate for the unique avian Star Wars creature, plus it adds excitement for kitty play time. Each toy comes infused with catnip.

4 Plush Darth Vader Helmet Catnip Toy on Bouncy String

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This fun cat toy is great for human - cat bonding as the toy comes on a springy cord that can be used to move, bounce, and whirl the toy around. Entice kitty to chase and pounce this oversized catnip-infused Star Wars icon in cat toy form.

5 Star Wars Cat Toy Two-Pack: Stormtrooper with Crinkle Ball

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With this set of two Star Wars cat toys, you'll get a plush catnip-infused Stormtrooper (looks like it is in the iconic shape of the famous droid BB-8!). The 'trooper has a few feathers coming out of the helmet, making this extra fun for kitty. The other toy in this set is a crinkle ball using shades of silver and black.

6 First Order Droid BB-9E Star Wars Cat Toy

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This is another great kitty toy on a string making it fun for human-cat bonding and play. At the end of a wanded string is a plush catnip-infused BB-9E droid, a small black robot used by the First Order.

Set of Two Dark Side Plush Cat Toys: Kylo Ren & Trooper

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This is a two-pack of cat toys for fans of the Dark Side! Kylo Ren and an iconic Stormtrooper are both featured as cute little plush toys infused with catnip. The Stormtrooper has a feather coming out of its helmet, serving to entice kitty to play and chase.

Two Pack of Star Wars Mouse Toys for Cats

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The mouse toys here have the design of Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper, but they are in the shape of traditional cat mouse toys. Each toy has a string tail with feathers on the end -- these catnip-infused toys have a lot to keep your little furry Star Wars fan interested!

Explore the Force with Kano Star Wars Coding Kit

Three Great Retro Empire Propaganda T-Shirts

Encourage others to join the Dark Side with these fun Empire-themed shirts. The logos look like old-fashioned Cold War propaganda poster prints, complete with patriotic poses and stark color schemes.

Join the Empire (Stormtrooper) is done in shades of Communist red, tan, black, and white. It features a faithful Stormtrooper looking up to his idol, Darth Vader. This is a ringspun cotton tee, shown here in heather grey but available in 5 other colors.

Black Squadron features a silhouetted Stormtrooper pilot helmet in yellowish gold tone against a red and black background. The strong image is captioned Black Squadron with small text at the bottom that reads ELITE FIGHTER PILOT OF THE GALACTIC EMPIRE. This officially licensed shirt is available in black as shown, or flattering red.

Support the Revolution is another great poster-style design that encourages joining the Empire. Stormtroopers stand at attention in this red, black, and white stylized design. This pre-shrunk 100% cotton shirt is shown in black, available in 4 other colors.

Star Wars Black Squadron Propaganda Poster Graphic T-Shirt – Officially Licensed Star Wars T-Shirt; 16STRW10169A; Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. View on Amazon
Mad Engine Men's Revolution T-Shirt, Black, Medium – Star wars, propaganda, storm trooper, empire logo; Star wars classic black tee; Star Wars revolution propaganda poster with Storm Troopers.; Poster verbiage, "Join the Empire" at... View on Amazon

Fun & Affordable Grogu Model Coloring Project

Star Wars T-Shirt Surprise Subscription Box

Vintage Style Artwork Inspired by Star Wars Ships

Three Great New Star Wars LEGO Diorama Sets!

Get ready for Star Wars Day on May the 4th with some fun new releases from LEGO that feature iconic Star Wars scenes. These builds are all made to be displayed -- they are buildable dioramas! Each set is best for LEGO builders aged 18 and over as they are considered to be more expert level LEGO sets. Once complete, they are meant to be displayed. They all make fun gift ideas for LEGO fans as well as old-school Star Wars fans as they depict scenes from the classic original trilogy.

1 Dagobah Jedi Training Star Wars LEGO Diorama

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This fun and immersive Star Wars LEGO build recreates the famous swamps of Dagobah where Jedi Master Yoda trained Luke Skywalker. Awesome details include part of Luke's X-Wing peeking out from the murky water, Yoda's home, and swampy foliage and plants. This expert-level LEGO build has 1000 pieces and includes a display plaque with Yoda's famous "Do. Or do no. There is no try" quote.

2 Death Star Trash Compactor Star Wars LEGO Diorama

Build the famous scene from A New Hope with this awesome new LEGO diorama build. The 802-piece set, designed for experienced LEGO builders aged 18+, includes minifigures of the four characters who were stuck in the compactor: Princess Leia; Luke Skywalker; Han Solo; and Chewbacca. Their droid partners are also included, but their spot is in the back of the display piece: R2-D2 and C-3PO. The set features even more authenticity with the movement of the side walls compacting down, making this display piece ripe for action as well!

3 Death Star Trench Run Star Wars LEGO Diorama

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This fun 665-piece LEGO Star Wars set recreates the famous and innovative scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope that feature the Resistance aiming to destroy the Death Star. A close-up scene is featured, with Luke's X-Wing flying within one of the trenches on the Death Star, with TIE Fighters in pursuit. The cool build has transparent LEGO pieces holding up the ships to give this display a true dynamic feel and look. The quote featured on the display plaque for this build reads "The Force is strong with this one".