Vintage Style Artwork Inspired by Star Wars Ships

Three Great New Star Wars LEGO Diorama Sets!

Get ready for Star Wars Day on May the 4th with some fun new releases from LEGO that feature iconic Star Wars scenes. These builds are all made to be displayed -- they are buildable dioramas! Each set is best for LEGO builders aged 18 and over as they are considered to be more expert level LEGO sets. Once complete, they are meant to be displayed. They all make fun gift ideas for LEGO fans as well as old-school Star Wars fans as they depict scenes from the classic original trilogy.

1 Dagobah Jedi Training Star Wars LEGO Diorama

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This fun and immersive Star Wars LEGO build recreates the famous swamps of Dagobah where Jedi Master Yoda trained Luke Skywalker. Awesome details include part of Luke's X-Wing peeking out from the murky water, Yoda's home, and swampy foliage and plants. This expert-level LEGO build has 1000 pieces and includes a display plaque with Yoda's famous "Do. Or do no. There is no try" quote.

2 Death Star Trash Compactor Star Wars LEGO Diorama

Build the famous scene from A New Hope with this awesome new LEGO diorama build. The 802-piece set, designed for experienced LEGO builders aged 18+, includes minifigures of the four characters who were stuck in the compactor: Princess Leia; Luke Skywalker; Han Solo; and Chewbacca. Their droid partners are also included, but their spot is in the back of the display piece: R2-D2 and C-3PO. The set features even more authenticity with the movement of the side walls compacting down, making this display piece ripe for action as well!

3 Death Star Trench Run Star Wars LEGO Diorama

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This fun 665-piece LEGO Star Wars set recreates the famous and innovative scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope that feature the Resistance aiming to destroy the Death Star. A close-up scene is featured, with Luke's X-Wing flying within one of the trenches on the Death Star, with TIE Fighters in pursuit. The cool build has transparent LEGO pieces holding up the ships to give this display a true dynamic feel and look. The quote featured on the display plaque for this build reads "The Force is strong with this one".

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