Star Wars Walkie Talkie Radios

Walkie talkie 2-way radios are a fun toy for kids to play with, adding intrigue to hide-and-seek or helping with outdoor adventures and imaginary play. Add some extra fun with these Star Wars themed walkies.

1 Millennium Falcon Walkie Talkies

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These cute walkie talkie 2-way radios look like little Millennium Falcon spaceships! The matching set is easy to use for kids and adults alike with one-button talking and static-free listening over an extended range.

Mandalorian, Grogu, and Paz Vizsla Walkie Talkies

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This fun set of walkies is easy to tell apart -- each handheld unit has a different character design. Choose between the Mandalorian and Paz Vizsla. Each simple to use walkie includes a little Grogu in his carrier illustration at the bottom.With simple push-to-talk button functionality, these are perfect for kids as well as adults.

Rebel Command Walkie Talkie Set

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These walkie-talkies come with an awesome space-look charging base. The two walkies are easy to use with push-to-talk functionality. Via the interactive base you can receive play Star Wars missions from characters like Poe Dameron and others. Sound effects and other actions can be activated from the fun base.

2 First Order Trooper & Kylo Ren 2-Way Radios

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You'll choose the Dark Side with this set of two-way radios. Each looks like the face mask of a Dark Side character -- Kylo Ren and a First Order Trooper.

Reminder: Start Your Star Wars Advent Calendar Today!

Did you pick up a Star Wars advent calendar for this year? If you purchased this year's brand new all-Mandalorian themed LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, or another Star Wars advent calendar, it's finally time to begin -- don't forget to open that first window today!

Today the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar starts with a fun mini-build of Mando's ship, the Razor Crest. A different mini Razor Crest was featured in last year's LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, but it makes sense to include the iconic ship in this year's calendar too, as it's all-Mandalorian.

Awesome unique LEGO minibuilds like this one are part of what makes these advent calendars so extremely popular. We can't wait to open up more windows as the month leads up to Christmas!

Top Five Star Wars Droid T-Shirts

What better way to show your love of the Star Wars universe than a unique t-shirt featuring some of the lovable and funny sidekick droids we all know!? From funny t-shirts to spoof designs and minimal looks, these awesome top tops will appeal to everyone!

1 C-3PO Vintage-Style Stay Golden T-Shirt

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This is a vintage-style print t-shirt for fans of everyone's favorite protocol droid, C-3PO. The 2-color print is faded and distressed for a vintage look. This is a 50-50 cotton-poly blend t-shirt in soft light yellow.

2 R2-D2 Typographic Star Wars T-shirt

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Star Wars classic droid R2-D2 is drawn here using words and phrases from the series. Text in white, blue, red, and grey read both vertically and horizontally. Find keywords like REPUBLIC, REPAIR, LOYAL and ROBOT in this unique graphic t-shirt deisgn for Star Wars fans.

3 Fun BB-8 White T-Shirt for Star Wars Fans

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This is a fun t-shirt design for fans of The Force Awakens and the latest droid to be featured in the Star Was saga. Mechanical rounds in black, white, grey, and orange decorate this uniquely designed top.

4 C-3PO and R2-D2 Relaxing on the Beach Tee

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This is a great graphic t-shirt in pretty sky blue. The large image features our two favorite Star Wars droids sitting in lounge chairs on a sandy beach under a Star Wars beach umbrella. You can see their tracks coming in from the sea. The slogan and the bottom of the design reads "Vaca... Far... Far... Away..."

5 Parts of Me Are Awesome Funny C-3PO Shirt

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This is a fun and simple two-color design that looks great on a heathered grey poly-blend t-shirt. C-3PO stands in typical fashion with a bold text slogan: Parts of Me Are Awesome. But which parts, 3PO? Perhaps your red arm?! Or maybe, just maybe, all of them are awesome.

Fun Star Wars Collectible Nutcrackers

Collect them all, or choose your favorite character(s)! These officially licensed nutcracker statues are all inspired by characters from the Star Wars saga and various stories told in the same world.

The Star Wars nutcrackers are generally made of painted wood and resin with fabrics or artificial fur and other costume details.

The nutcrackers are all free-standing and make great display pieces for the holidays, or to keep with your collection of other Star Wars statues. Each nutcracker comes on a small stand with the character's name on a plaque. 

Kurt Adler 10" Star Wars Boba Fett Nutcracker – Officially-licensed Star Wars nutcracker; Measures 10 inches tall; Made of resin, solid wood, and cloth; Features the bounty hunter Boba Fett; Perfect for Star Wars fans and collectors. View on Amazon
Kurt Adler Star Wars Chewbacca Steinbach Nutcracker Christmas Décor, STD, Multicolored – Officially licensed Star Wars nutcracker; Made of wood; Handmade in Germany. View on Amazon
STAR WARS Kurt S. Adler 10-Inch Red Sith Trooper Nutcracker – Officially licensed Star Wars nutcracker; Made of resin and plastic; Perfect for Star Wars collectors and fans; Perfect for nutcracker collectors. View on Amazon
Kurt Adler Stormtrooper with Ball Ornament Nutcracker, 12-Inch (SW6153L) – Use only with National Tree company trees Pre-Lit with low voltage dual color LED lights and includes the extra end Connector in the tree top section; Measures 16" High; Handcrafted. View on Amazon
Kurt Adler Yoda in Santa Robe Nutcracker, 9-Inch – Star wars nutcracker; Measures 10 inches tall; Wood and resin design. View on Amazon
Kurt Adler 11-Inch Star Wars Kylo Ren Nutcracker – Officially-licensed star wars nutcracker; Measures 11 inches; Kylo ren design; Made of resin, cloth, and Solid wood; If this product does not come in Branded Kurt... View on Amazon
Kurt S. Adler Kurt Adler 7.5-Inch Star Wars Ewok Nutcracker, Multi – Officially-licensed Star Wars nutcracker; Made of wood, paint/mica, and resin; Measures 7. 5-inches tall. View on Amazon
Kurt Adler SW0156 Star Wars Nutcracker, R2D2, 7-Inch – 7 Inch Nutcracker; Wood; Star Wars - R2D2. View on Amazon
Kurt Adler 13-Inch Star Wars Hollywood Darth Vader Nutcracker – Officially-licensed star wars nutcracker; Part of Kurt Adler Hollywood Nutcrackers collection; Measures approximately 13 inches tall; Made of Solid wood, resin, and cloth; If this product... View on Amazon
Kurt Adler First Order Stormtrooper Nutcracker – Officially-licensed star wars nutcracker; Measures 10 inches; First order Storm trooper design; Made of resin and plastic; If this product does not come in Branded Kurt... View on Amazon
Kurt Adler 12-Inch Star Wars Hollywood Yoda Nutcracker – Officially-licensed star wars nutcracker; Part of Kurt Adler Hollywood Nutcrackers collection; Measures approximately 12 inches tall; Made of Solid wood, resin, cloth, and feather; If this... View on Amazon

Amazing Yoda Interactive Talking, Moving Toy

Star Wars Themed Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Stand out at your holiday party this season with an ugly Christmas sweater with a unique Star Wars crossover twist. These sweaters spread festive cheer in nauseating fashion, while spreading Star Wars joy at the same time. These make funny white elephant gifts for Star Wars fans, too.

Grogu The Child Busy Green Ugly Christmas Sweater

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A cartoon version of "baby Yoda", Grogu, the Child at the center of the first two seasons of the Mandalorian, is featured tucked into a Christmas stocking on this busy, ugly sweater. Repeating stripe patterns across the sweater include Grogu in his pram with Mando's helmet, Christmas trees, frogs, and snowflakes. A large image of the Razor Crest flying in a dark sky is featured on the back. There is a lot going on with this holiday sweater and it's just perfect for fans of the Mandalorian.

AT-AT Reindeer Star Wars Fan Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Giant AT-ATs looking like festive reindeer march across this red and white Star Wars Christmas sweater. The AT-ATs, shown in silhouette, wear reindeer antlers, and red noses just like Rudolph. Simple X icons dance across the sleeves and are lined up along the body of the sweater to look like snowflakes. This is a classic Star Wars ugly sweater!

Millennium Falcon Ugly Holiday Star Wars Sweater

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This holiday sweater has a lot of blue and white against a dark blue background, making is suitable for Hanukah festivities or for spreading non-specific holiday cheer. The Falcon is featured large on the front with festive blue snowflake contrails. Trim across the top of the sweater features stripes with more snowflakes and small X-Wing icons. Large red symbols of the Resistance are featured on the sleeves.

Darth Vader Star Wars Fan Ugly Christmas Sweater

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An oversized image of Darth Vader's mask is featured on the front of this ugly Christmas sweater. The grey sweater has green and red zig-zag stripes, and dark grey snowflake stripes crossing the body and sleeves. The neck and bottom cuffs are solid red, while the sleeve cuffs are green. There's a lot of ugly going here! This ugly Darth Vader sweater is perfect for holiday parties and gatherings.

Star Wars Fan Boba Fett Ugly Christmas Sweater

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This green ugly Star Wars sweater features Boba Fett's iconic helmet in the center. Stripes and lines made up of snowflakes, chevrons, and Christmas trees appear in the background and across the back of this acrylic holiday sweater for Star Wars fans. The Mandalorian Mythosaur insignia is featured in red against an ivory background on both sleeves. 

More Star Wars Ugly Tops for Christmas

Arat Darth Vader Boba Fett Stormtrooper Ugly Christmas Sweater, Star War Ugly Sweater, Christmas Ugly Sweater Gift (Small) Black – Material: Acrylic wool blend fabric. Cozy and soft without itchy. Comfortable to wear on cold days.; All items are made with sublimation print, a technique that... View on Amazon
Star Wars Baby Yoda The Child Forces Trees Ugly Christmas Sweater (X-Small) Black – Officially Licensed Star Wars Sweater by Disney; Baby Yoda’s left hand moves when you squeeze him; Styled after the Disney+ series The Mandalorian; Limited Edition 3D... View on Amazon
Numskull Unisex Official Star Wars Luke Vs Darth Vader Knitted Christmas Jumper for Men or Women - Ugly Novelty Sweater Gift Blue – OFFICIALLY LICENSED STAR WARS APPAREL: Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader - probably the most iconic and memorable duel in Star Wars universe history. Silhouettes of the... View on Amazon
STAR WARS Men's R2D2 Gift Wrap Sweater, Royal, XX-Large – Long sleeve pullover sweater; Exclusive Christmas sweaters. View on Amazon
Numskull Unisex Official Star Wars Space Slug Escape Knitted Christmas Jumper for Men or Women - Ugly Novelty Sweater Gift – OFFICIALLY LICENSED STAR WARS APPAREL: Celebrate the world’s most iconic sci-fi series with this Xmas jumper, depicting the Exogorth scene with the Millennium Falcon barely avoiding... View on Amazon
Men's Star Wars Ugly Christmas Yoda Silent Night All-Over Sweatshirt - Multi-Color - Large – Printed in the U.S.A.; Machine Washable; Printed With Eco-Friendly Inks; Fifth Sun; Slim Fit - Please Refer to Size Chart. View on Amazon

Star Wars Advent Calendars for 2021

Get ready to count down the days leading up to Christmas 2021 with a new Star Wars-themed advent calendar! LEGO Star Wars advent calendars are always popular, so be sure to buy soon if you're looking to gift this (to yourself or someone else!) and the brand new Galactic Advent Calendar featured below is sure to be a popular choice, too. We're also featuring a Micro Force Star Wars evergreen advent calendar that's been out for a few years, but that we haven't shared before.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar New for 2021

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The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is a perfect gift for fans leading up to Christmas gift-giving. Reveal a new micro build each day from December 1st to December 24th. This 2021 calendar is special because it features characters, vehicles, and accessories inspired by the Mandalorian Season 2! Find minifigures in festive outfits, minibuilds of the Razorcrest and other ships, plus weapons and other little LEGO toys made for Star Wars fans! As in previous years, the calendar box doubles as a display piece for your new LEGO builds, folding out to reveal a Star Wars themed holiday scene. 

Galactic Advent Calendar: 25 Days of Star Wars Surprises

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This new advent calendar for Star Wars fans folds out like a book to reveal a bunch of 24 small envelopes for each day leading up to Christmas. The numbered envelopes have special treats for Star Wars fans, like stickers, ornaments, games, and more. While this is new for 2021, early sneak reviews are positive. 

Star Wars Micro Force Advent Calendar

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This advent calendar has been out for a few years, but the toys are evergreen and the days of the month don't matter year to year. The gifts revealed in this Micro Force Star Wars calendar are very small (about 1") Star Wars character figures from throughout the saga. In addition to the figures, 7 fun stickers are among the gifts.

Star Wars Costume-Style Tank Tops for Women

Get ready for your next sci-fi themed race (it's race season!), Star Wars athletic challenge, or other fun and active event where you're bound to fit in with a Star Wars style outfit. These fun Star Wars costume-style tank tops are great for both active events and costume-related happenings. They are also great as last-minute Halloween costumes for Star Wars fans!

1 Chewbacca Costume Tank Top for Women

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You'll be just like the famous Wookiee himself without the heavy fur coat when you wear this Chewbacca-style tank top! Comes with printed-on bandolier that goes across the front an back, so you'll great both coming and going!

2 C-3PO Droid Hooded Junior Tank

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This is a great printed hooded racerback tank with droid--worthy details. The golden top has metallic-style printing and even exposed belly wires, just like C-3PO himself.

3 Boba Fett Hooded Junior Tank

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Dress like Darth Vader's bounty hunter with this printed hooded racerback tank top. The print on this top is detailed with armored plates, utility belt, and patches.

R2-D2 Costume Tank Top

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This white costume-style tank top has a great blue, black, and grey print across the front and back in the droid style of R2-D2. The comfortable top comes in junior's sizing and has a stretchy cotton/spandex blend for a snug fit.

Itty Bitty Star Wars Plushies from Hallmark

These little plush Star Wars toys are so adorable! Your favorite characters are presented in kawaii cartoon style with round shapes and soft plush curves. They measure around 3 to 4 inches tall / wide and are super huggable. These little softie Star Wars characters are great for fans of the series -- collect them all!

1 Mixed Set of Star Wars Character Itty Bitty Plush Toys

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Get your collection started with this great set of 6 character plush toys from across the Star Was saga. This set includes mini plush figures of Finn, Greedo, an X-Wing pilot, First Order BB8, Rey, and Kylo Ren.

2 Itty Bitty BB-8 Star Wars Plush Toy

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This cute droid-shaped plush is just about 4" tall, making the character palm-sized. This Itty Bitty BB-8 is made for creative Star Wars play and is the perfect size for travel.

3 Villian Kylo Ren Itty Bitty

Found on Amazon

Kylo Ren is in full face mask and carries his signature cross lightsaber.

4 Admiral Ackbar Itty Bitty Plush FIgure

Found on Amazon

Keep the popular leader Admiral Ackbar at your side when you get this little plush Star Wars character toy. He may not talk, but you can imagine him giving great advice as you go about your day -- avoid those traps!

5 Greedo from Star Wars Itty Bitty Plush Toy

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The famous bounty hunter from Star Wars is featured here as a little plush toy from Hallmark. Play with this funny-looking green scoundrel or save the character plush for display.

6 Set of 2 Ewok Itty Bitty Plush Toys

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This cute set of two Star Wars plush toys features Ewok Wicket and Ewok Chief Chirpa. These are perfect for Endor play or to add to your Star Wars display collection.

7 Boba Fett Mini Plush Itty Bitty Toy Figure

Found on Amazon

Last but not least, everyone's favorite bounty hunter is featured here in mini plush form. His outfit looks fresh and vibrant, so this toy is obviously pre-Sarlacc Boba Fett.

Star Wars Oversized Pillow Figures

Fans of the Star Wars saga -- both young and young-at-heart -- will love these plush stuffed character figures from their favorite galactic universe. Heroes and villians alike are well-represented, so choose your side of the Force! Pick up your favorite characters in plush pillow form today!

1 Plush & Oversized R2-D2 Pillow Buddy

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Your favorite droid in huggable pillow form! R2-D2 in all of his white, blue and grey glory measures just about 18" tall. This is a highly rated and popular Star Wars plush toy that fans of all ages will love.

2 Darth Vader Oversized Plush Pillow Buddy

Found on Amazon – See more in Darth Vader Action Figures

Choose to snuggle with the Dark Lord himself with this great plush figure. Vader measures about 22" tall.  The Dark Side doll has applique details inspired by Darth Vader's iconic breastplate and belt.

3 Oversized Yoda Plush Pillow

Found on Amazon – See more in Yoda Action Figures

Learn from the best -- with your very own huggable Yoda plush figure. The little green Jedi Master is just ripe for hugging. Yoda measures just about 15" tall, which may be pretty close to life-sized for the famous little green Jedi.

4 Chewbacca Plush Pillow Hug Toy

Found on Amazon – See more in Chewbacca Action Figures

Chewbacca as a personal plush huggable figure? Yes please! Wookiees are made for hugging. This classic-style Chewie figure measures about 17" tall.

5 Cute & Cuddle-ready BB8 Plush Pillow

Found on Amazon – See more in BB-8 Action Figures

Give that little orange and white droid a hug! This fun BB-8 figure is a big 26" tall and ready for cuddling. This plush toy inspired by the famous droid from the new trilogy is highly rated by kids and adults. Beep bop boop.

6 Star Wars Rebel Buddy Roll Body Pillow

Found on Amazon

While this isn't a character plush toy, it is a perfect plush Star Wars themed pillow for snuggling, body support, and other restful comfort. The jumbo size tube-shaped pillow is about 32 inches long and 8 inches across.