Collectible "Baby Yoda" The Child Cute Figure 2-Packs

Get your hands on these adorable comic style figures of the breakout star of the Mandalorian, the Child character everyone is calling Baby Yoda. These two-for-one figure packs include a pair of the Child in various familiar poses. Collect all six!

1 Don't Leave Baby Yoda & Knob Ball Toy Yoda

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First the Child, in a sitting position, looks sadly and longingly as if to say "don't leave me". The other figure in this set has the little darling playing with the ball end of a lever on the Razor Crest.

2 Froggy Snack Child Figure & Using the Force Baby Yoda

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In this set, both figures stand with head held up. In one, the Force-sensitive youngster uses his gift. In the other, the head is up to help down a froggy snack!

3 Baby Yoda Sips & Blanket Swaddled Child

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This Baby Yoda figure two-pack has the Child sipping from his oversized (for him) brown mug. In the other figure, the character is swaddled in a blue-green blankie.

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Official Star Wars merchandise featuring the breakout star of the Mandalorian, affectionately known as Baby Yoda, is coming out fast and furious. Get your hands on this pre-order LEGO BrickHeads Mandalorian set featuring our hero and The Child, due to be released on August 1, 2020. This is...