Fun Star Wars Backpacks from Loungefly

These awesome backpacks from Loungefly feature Star Wars patterns, characters, and other unique designs. You'll always carry the Star Wars saga with you when you get one of these great Loungefly Star Wars backpacks!

Loungefly mini backpacks are great for carrying a purse-size amount of stuff and are perfect for days out and about, workdays, and, of course, visits to movie theaters and theme parks! These popular bags are not only functional but are very popular collectibles. If you don't buy your favorite when it's first released, you may be able to find it later at inflated collectible prices -- so don't hesitate when you find one that calls out to you!

1 Star Wars Characters in the Endor Forrest Loungefly Backpack

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Familiar characters from the original trilogy are featured in a cute Funko Pop illustrated style, in the forests of Endor. This is a fun Star Wars / Loungefly / Funko Pop mashup mini backpack!

2 Awesome Baby Yoda Shape Backpack

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Carry The Child with you with this cute character backpack. Grogu's ears extend out and the little green being has a cute smile on his face. This small pack has main compartment with small zipper section inside, exterior zip pouch, and adjustable straps.

3 Boba Fett Tattoo Style Embroidered Mini Loungefly Backpack

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This awesome backpack is styled after Boba Fett's iconic Mandalorian helmet. The design features embroidered lines evocative of tattoo lines.

4 Scout Trooper Loungefly Mini Backpack for Star Wars Fans

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This cute backpack in Loungefly's popular mini style is designed to look like a Scout Trooper. The unique shape of the visor shield on the trooper's helmet is unmistakable. Get this for the Star Wars fan in your life!

5 Loungefly Star Wars: R2-D2 X-Wing Backpack

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This awesome Loungefly Star Wars backpack was originally exclusive to Star Wars Celebration in 2022 so its collectible price reflects its enhanced value. The bag is shaped like an X-Wing viewed from above featuring R2D2 in the droid pit.

6 Funny Wookiee Chewbacca Star Wars Backpack

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This is an adorable soft fuzzy backpack that looks like the big fluffy face of famous Wookiee Chewbacca! The comic style of this bag is so cute! This is mid-sized bag measuring about 9" by 10.5" by 4.5" with a main zippered compartment and front zipper pouch.

7 Loungefly Star Wars Character Cartoon Patch Mini Backpack

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This cute backpack has a repeating pattern designed to look like different patches or stickers. Each patch represents a character, phrase, or other moment from the Star Wars saga original trilogy. The characters are all illustrated in a cute, exaggerated cartoon style.

8 Awesome Rebel Pilot Inspired Backpack

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This fun backpack looks like something an X-Wing pilot would carry! It has the same familiar orange and white color scheme and includes the Rebel logo.

Millennium Falcon Cockpit Lightspeed Loungefly Backpack

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This dramatic Loungefly Star Wars bag shows a unique perspective. Look over the shoulders of Han Solo and Chewbacca in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon as they fly at warp speed! This awesome pack is an Amazon exclusive.

Totally Awesome Cad Bane Character Loungefly Backpack

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I've always loved Cad Bane and I was so excited to see the character brought to life in The Book of Boba Fett. This awesome backpack is styled after the shady character -- shade of blue that is! He wears his iconic hat which is a fun 3D feature to the pack. This is by far my favorite pack on the list!

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