R2-D2 USB Charging Nightlight

Funny Toilet Decal for Star Wars Fans

This is a funny Star Wars decal to put on the inside of your toilet lid to remind everyone that aim is important when it comes to using the can! The decal includes a black Stormtrooper helmet and a funny saying.

Awesome Red Light Star Wars Darth Vader Night Light

Check out this fun nightlight that's perfect for Star Wars fans. The red lamp can sense light so it only comes on in the dark. Get this for the Star Wars fan in your household! Star Wars AuthenticityRepresenting the commanding presence of Darth Vader, this night light emits...

Star Wars Panel Wall Art Sets

These unique Star Wars art sets come with multiple panels to make up one piece of art. In many cases, the panels make up a single image. When the panels are hung up together, they make one cohesive image taken from the Star Wars saga.

R2D2 Light Switch & Plate Covers

Add a touch of Star Wars to any room by upgrading the light switch plate covers and electrical outlet covers to these R2D2 droid-style covers!