Awesome Star Wars Mr. Potato Head Mashup Collectible Toys

These fun mash-up (see what I did there?!) collectible toys take elements from Star Wars and the classic Mr. Potato Head toys to create fantastic buys with sensationally hilarious names. When these become discontinued by the manufacturer, prices become "collectible" and quantities are limited. When you see a Potato Head you want, don't  hesitate to buy!

The Yamdalorian Funny *NEW* Mando Potato Head Toy

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This funny Mandalorian-style Mr. Potato Head toy is still in regular stock at the time of writing and can be purchased for regular retail pricing. Pick up this awesome displayable, playable toy before it becomes scarce! This hilarious mash-up includes a Grogu accessory with (affixed) Potato Head style googly eyes. The hero tater wears a Beskar helmet that is removable (but not in front of others, of course. This is the Way).

R2-D2 Artoo-Potatoo Mr. Potato Head Collectible Toy

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Having a droid-style Mr. Potato Head toy is perfect -- you can mix and match features and accessories as you might on a real droid, but it's a potato, so you can't really mess anything up.

The highly collectible toy comes with a potato-shaped body base and a variety of blue and white R2-inspired components to play with. This figure is perfect for play but also works great as a display piece for collectors.

Luke Frywalker Funny Collectible Star Wars Mr. Potato Head

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This fun Luke Skywalker Mr. Potato Head toy has reached collectible status, having been discontinued from the manufacturer. The toy comes with a green lightsaber, a dark side style base, and more accessories for fun play and epic display.

BBT8R Funny BB-8 Potato Head Collectible Toy

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This Mr. Potato Head BB-8 toy comes with 16 accessory pieces, including extra eyes, character arms and a droid arm, glasses, BB-8 droid pieces, feet, and more.

Frylo Ren Mr. Potato Head Set

We told you about the fun Star Wars Mr. Potato Head C-3PO mashup a while back. If the Dark Side is more your style, you need to check out this set which crosses the potato man with Kylo Ren.

Super Fun Darth & Luke Star Wars Play-Doh Set

Star Wars fans can create their own intergalactic battles with this super fun Play-Doh set. Use the three included cans of Play-Doh as character toys themselves and mold your own accessories for the TIE Fighter and X-Wing vehicles!

App-Enabled BB-8: Top Force Friday Pick

Are you still reeling from all of the awesome new Star Wars merchandise reveals on Force Friday? The new droid character BB-8 is getting a lot of attention, and for good reason. This little character will certainly be a hot seller in the coming months, and this amazing App-Enabled BB-8 Droid from Sphero belongs at the top of everyone's list.

Star Wars Set of Toy Storage Containers with Hamper

Your kids can keep their Star Wars toys organized and together with this awesome set of three themed toy storage containers. You'll get a toy trunk and two smaller cube-shaped Star Wars totes. This set comes with a bonus pop-up storage hamper, too!