Star Wars Slow Cooker | 2-Quart Pot

Darth Vader Helmet Head Toaster

Here's a fun kitchen accessory for Star Wars fans. The design on this Darth Vader toaster is perfect -- it'll look like you have the Dark Lord's head on your counter!

Fun Star Wars Kitchen Implements

Bring the drama and adventure of the Star Wars saga to your kitchen with these cooking implements. These are kitchen-quality functional tools with awesome Star Wars theming.

Millennium Falcon Wooden Cutting Board

Elevate your kitchen to a galaxy far, far away with this unique Millennium Falcon cutting board, a stunning fusion of rustic charm and cosmic allure. Crafted with the image of the legendary Millennium Falcon, this cutting board is a kitchen centerpiece that tells of adventures across the...

Grogu Baby Yoda Stacking Measuring Cups Set

This is an awesome set of kitchen gadgets for the Star Wars fan. It's a 5-cup pack of measuring cups that stack together, all with a cute Grogu theme!