Two Awesome IG-11 Character T-Shirts

1 I Must Self Destruct IG-11 Mandalorian T-Shirt

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Bounty-hunter droid turned baby caretaker IG-11 has quite the arc in the first season of the Mandalorian. The character, voiced by Taika Waititi, goes from a literal killing machine to a protective figure who gives his own existence up for the benefit of others. 

This t-shirt featuring IG-11 is inspired by his heroic end. A stylized, poster-style iamge of IG-11 is featured along with the slogan "I Must Self Destruct" in all capital letters. Get this in a variety of different colored t-shirts and in cuts for men (unisex), women, or youth.

2 Epic Nurse IG-11 Red Sun Portrait T-Shirt

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This awesome Star Wars fan t-shirt features the droid IG-11 walking, carrying a large blaster weapon in front of a red sun. The character is shown in profile with the word NURSE written in large white text across the middle. 

Purchase this t-shirt in black as shown, or pick other dark colors brown or navy. You can get this one in youth or women's cuts, or unisex as shown.

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