Beautiful C-3PO Styled Women's Watch from Citizen

Fun NASA Star Wars Crossover T-Shirt

This fun logo t-shirt is a mashup between the familiar NASA meatball logo and our beloved Star Wars. In this case the spacecraft orbiting around the red wing is the Millennium Falcon! And the text NASA is replaced with REBEL.

Detailed Millennium Falcon Blueprint Poster Art

This is an awesome blueprint-style poster image featuring the ins and outs of the famous Star Wars starship, Han Solo's Millennium Falcon. This vibrant print measures that 40" by 27" (a standard poster frame size) would look great on the wall of any Star Wars fan's...

Vintage Mad Magazine ROTJ Edition

This is an awesome back issue of Mad Magazine featuring cover story about Return of the Jedi. This issue was originally released in October 1983.

NEW! Star Wars LEGO Minifigure Encyclopedia

This is the new and updated LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, set for publication on April 28, 2015. It's available for pre-order now -- act fast to be among the first fans to have this brand new and complete minifigure encyclopedia!