Classic Star Wars Throw Blanket

Awesome Darth Vader 3D Effect Colored Light

This is a cool 3D light effect for anyone that loves Star Wars. A transparent precision cut out of Darth Vader's mask is mounted into the electric base to enable the awesome optical illusion lamp. [ore]Use this lamp as a night light or as...

Set of Star Wars Droid Decorative Throw Pillows

These are the pillows you're looking for. It's a pair of throw pillows in the style of the world's most famous droids: R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Snuggie-Style Chewbacca Youth Fleece Throw

Keep as warm as a Wookiee with this great kid-sized wearable fleece throw blanket. The throw has great printed details that make it a perfect gift idea for any young Star Wars fan!

Darth Vader Star Wars Clapper Wireless On/Off Switch

This is a fun Star Wars themed addition to any home -- it's a talking Darth Vader clapper on/of switch! Just clap your hands twice to activate the switch to turn on or turn off lights or other electric devices. This Star Wars Darth Vader Clapper is a...