Mando & Grogu Fun 4-Piece Kid's Storage Set for Toys, Clothes, More

Funny Light Side / Dark Side Switch Plate Cover

This is a cute switch plate cover for Star Wars fans. It's made for a single toggle switch and shows a silhouette of Yoda on the top, along with text that reads JOIN THE LIGHT SIDE. The bottom of the cover has a Darth Vader helmet and...

Darth Vader Star Wars Clapper Wireless On/Off Switch

This is a fun Star Wars themed addition to any home -- it's a talking Darth Vader clapper on/of switch! Just clap your hands twice to activate the switch to turn on or turn off lights or other electric devices. This Star Wars Darth Vader Clapper is a...

Awesome Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Bring some of the Dark Side home with this awesome Star Wars themed levitating (!!) Bluetooth speaker. The orb, which looks like the Death Star, floats above a base while delivering 360 degrees of quality sound.

R2D2 Light Switch & Plate Covers

Add a touch of Star Wars to any room by upgrading the light switch plate covers and electrical outlet covers to these R2D2 droid-style covers!