Fun Star Wars Play-Doh Sets for Creative Play!

Play-Doh, the beloved modeling compound that has captivated generations, has its roots in an unexpected origin: wallpaper cleaner! In the 1930s, the compound was first created by Noah McVicker and his nephew Joe McVicker for the Kutol Products Company as a wallpaper cleaner. By the mid-1950s, with the decline in coal-based home heating and the rise of vinyl-based wallpapers, the demand for wallpaper cleaner reduced. Cleo McVicker, Joe's brother and a part of the Kutol team, discovered that teachers were using the non-toxic cleaner as a modeling clay in classrooms. Seizing this opportunity, they rebranded, added colors, and in 1956, introduced Play-Doh to schools and department stores. The squishy, vibrant compound soon became a household name, offering a fun and creative outlet for children (and adults) worldwide.

Since its inception, Play-Doh has inspired creative play in all that use it. With the following products, Play-Doh joins forces with Star Wars for some intergalactic fun. Check out these unique mash-ups.

Play-Doh Star Wars Mission on Endor Can-Heads Playset

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This fun Star Wars Play-Doh set uses standard size cans to create character figures! This "Can-Heads" set comes with three pots of Play-Doh, each decorated to look like a character. You'll get Luke Skywalker, a Scout Trooper, and an Ewok. The characters come with vehicles that are covered with imprinted molds to make all kinds of cool shapes using Play-Doh!

BB-8 and R2-D2 Play-Doh Droid Set

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This fun set includes three pots of Play-Doh and two Star Wars droid figures: BB-8 and R2-D2. The droids are full of molds all around the outside to make different shapes. The R2 figure includes a removable mold to make your very own protocol droid: C-3PO!

Play-Doh Star Wars Chewbacca | Grow & Cut Hair!

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This is a fun Play-Doh set featuring a figure of the Wookiee Chewbacca. You'll get three pots of clay, Chewie figure with blaster, and Play-Doh scissors. Insert Play-Doh into the figure and press the arms down to grow Chewie's hair! Use the scissors to cut and style as desired. The back of the Chewbacca figure has a cute little Millennium Falcon mold.

Fun Star Wars Shrink & Play Activity Set

Have some nostalgic Star Wars fun with this shrinky dink style playset featuring four Star Wars characters. Color in the characters & background, bake to shrink, and then play!

Super Fun Darth & Luke Star Wars Play-Doh Set

Star Wars fans can create their own intergalactic battles with this super fun Play-Doh set. Use the three included cans of Play-Doh as character toys themselves and mold your own accessories for the TIE Fighter and X-Wing vehicles!

Fun Star Wars Tracing Character Drawing Set

This is a fun artistic gift idea for creative young fans of Star Wars. It's a light-up palatte that comes with images to trace through the light.

Remote Control R2-D2 Inflatable Robot Toy

This is a fun jumbo inflatable toy made for Star Wars fans of all ages. This R2-D2 remote control toy stands over 25 inches tall, has self-righting capability, and is fun and easy to operate.